spearfishing adventures

How to Get into Spearfishing

Spearfishing is a very exciting hobby and it’s actually pretty eco-friendly. This is due to the method not producing any damage to habitat that can be caused by other forms of fishing. Fishing is also incredibly rewarding and it feels nice to catch your own food once in a while. If you’ve never been spearfishing before there are a variety of things that you will need before setting off. Here’s a short list of items and knowledge you’ll need before starting your spearfishing adventures.

Depending on where you are fishing you may need a licence to legally catch fish this way. The licences that you need vary in different countries so be sure to make yourself aware of the laws and obtain the appropriate licences before you set out.

Depending on the climate that you will be fishing in a wetsuit should definitely be considered. Ensuring that your body is sufficiently warm when you are in the water is an important factor in the success of your trips. If you get cold too quickly then you will be unable to stay in the water for a good amount of time, which in turn will affect the amount of fish that you will be able to catch.

The speargun that you purchase should be suitable for beginners, buying a more advanced piece of equipment as a beginner can be dangerous. This means looking for smaller guns with less power initially. Speak with your local spearfishing supplier for advice on which gun to go with.

Although some people go spearfishing without using fins, they are really a great way of allowing you to move more freely underwater. This is especially important for those who are new to the sport. When choosing fins make sure to get the fit just right to avoid blisters or possibly losing them when you dive.

Mask & Snorkel
This key piece of equipment will allow you to survey what’s under the water while breathing at the surface before making the dive. When trying masks always go for one that will stay on your face without the straps by using suction. This means that the mask provides a good airtight fit and will be sufficient when attached properly.

A Knife
Invest in a good quality knife to take on your dives, this will not only help you if you become tangled on rope under the water but also for quickly dispatching fish.

Weight Belt
A weight belt with around 12 pounds of weight is usually sufficient for the average spear-fisher. The belt will allow you to dive easily and prevent too much buoyancy.

Gloves are an important part of kit and offer much needed protection when using your equipment underwater. You can purchase neoprene spearfishing gloves online or from most diving suppliers.

Always be sure to take a partner with you when spearfishing, this can be the difference between life and death. Spearfishing alone can be incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted.