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Polo is a very popular game. It is played on horseback between two teams with the object of scoring point by driving a wooden ball into opponent’s goal using a long handled mallet. Many clubs have included this sport to attract members and also to encourage the wide spread of the game. Professional players also play this sport in different competition. There are many events organized worldwide by these clubs for polo enthusiasts. People plan out their vacations including these events to spend a great time playing the sport while on a vacation.

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The polo clubs are made keeping a business mind as well. In order to make your business known to all you should add your club to the polo club directory. This shall help polo enthusiasts easily know your club. Business needs marketing and this is also a form of marketing. Promote your business on this website for free as well as add some money if you want to upgrade your club listing.

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This is an opportunity to add your club’s name in the polo listings on internet. Make the most out of it but first start with simple steps like: fill in your email, choose a username and select your package; click on sign up; pay for package; check your email for log in information; log in and add your items into the directory portal.

You can not only add your club but also your vacation package on this website. We are here to see if we can give you personalized review and added exposure but that is on our discretion as only we will judge it. There will be individual vacation listing and club listing as well to keep the readers sorted.

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