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Contemplating the different types of property damage

Majority of the insurance companies provide property insurance that covers various risk factors. The protection covered would differ from one company to another. Some of the main criteria’s that are covered are fire, theft, weather damage etc. People can opt for specialized insurance schemes like firing protection, earthquake insurance, flooding insurance etc. Fire could cause lot of severe damage to the house. The property would need to be checked for structural and foundation damages and then the claim initiated. Protection from earthquake and floods is possible with insurance cover since the compensation amount would help in rebuilding the structure. The premium amount payable for these specialized schemes would be higher compared to the normal ones. Individuals can cause damage to property intentionally or unintentionally. Tenants could cause various types of destruction to the house. The landowner would require insuring the house against these damages to be covered. The insurance firms would try to find the easy way out and not pay the insured. The amount compensated could be inadequate compared to the expenses incurred. In these situations it would be advisable to hire KRW Accident Attorneys.

Claiming process for property destruction

The first thing that would need to be done once property destruction happens is to notify the respective insurance company. A surveyor from the company would require doing the assessment of the damage caused and the possible causes. If grave damage were caused to the house the insurance company would generally provide advance payment for the residents to relocate to a temporary home. The expenses incurred at this house can be claimed from the company once the insurance claim gets through. The estimate of the claim is calculated depending on the damages incurred. An inventory of the items that have been destroyed in the process has to be noted down for claiming purpose. Hiring a property damage lawyer like KRW Accident Attorneys would be necessary to get through the claiming process. The appealing process would require time since the insurance company would need to do their complete assessment before the claim is sanctioned. There are several online law firm sites where people can enter their details along with brief case history to get an evaluation done.

New Year’s ideal holiday destinations

Whilst Christmas is meant for being with family, New Year’s Eve is meant for spending time with friends, your partner or even for grabbing the kids and travelling to somewhere completely out the way of your normal routine. Indeed, it’s the last event of the year, the best way to say goodbye to everything that’s happened, let it become memory, and start enjoying new experiences in 2017. But, which destination should you choose to spend New Year’s?

Undoubtedly, the most famous New Year’s party in Spain takes place in the Puerta del Sol (public square) in Madrid. However, New Years can be magical practically anywhere in Spain or Europe if you choose well in regards to who you spend it with, which hotel you stay at, how you dine and where you celebrate it so that you can party hard till the sun comes up. Alternatively, if you prefer a quieter New Year’s you can always rent a cottage in the country with friends or all the family and spend the last few days of 2016 playing board games, telling stories around the fire, practicing adventure sports and going for long walks…

City lovers and those who just seek rest and somewhere comfortable are sure to find a good hotel with all services included; equipped with everything you need, with special dishes and New Year’s menus, and , if it’s not too much to ask, a spa; so as to arrive in 2017 more relaxed than ever . For those going with all the family, our recommendation is a family hotel in a place with activities for the children always at hand,  surrounded by nature to keep them entertained whilst at the same time giving you time to relax in a charming environment, far away from the city and the stress of everyday life.

A lot of New Year’s trips are bought as Christmas presents so there’s no excuse not to travel to a different destination.  Plane tickets and hotel bought means all that’s needed is to pack the suitcase and get set to enjoy the trip. Others prefer to plan ahead and organize down to a T, taking more advantage of the days and preparing trips to foreign cities, after all who could say no to celebrating New Year’s in Athens, Berlin, Budapest, Paris, London or Prague…

However, we personally think there’s no need to leave Spain in order to find an ideal spot to welcome the New Year. Mountain destinations like Andorra or the Catalan Pyrenees are a classic and wise choice.  But if instead of mountain destinations you prefer the tranquillity of the sea and a gentler climate, we propose: Huelva, Almeria, Ibiza, Tenerife or Majorca. Apart from their city centres boasting a great number of family-orientated activities, you can also enjoy the long stretches of coastline with incredible beaches, almost all-year round mild temperatures and an exciting array of nightlife from the tapas bars of Andalusia to the glamour of Ibiza.

The Canary Islands are easily the ultimate holiday getaway. There, the hotel business is ever active during the Christmas holiday season and has a long history of being an ideal place amongst Europeans for spending the last days of the year on its beautiful and infinite beaches.  The area of Jandía beach, in Fuerteventura, is frequented more by families, whereas the town of Corralejo, with its impressive dunes, holds a lot of interest for young couples and middle-aged holidaymakers. Tenerife’s city centre and Costa Adeje are ideal for families who live well and are looking to enjoy themselves under the sun, making an impression in their Santa Claus hat and bikini. Hotels like Iberostar Anthelia (referred to as, on many occasions; the best all-inclusive hotel of all of Spain) or the Barceló Corralejo Bay (adults only) are luxurious authentic alternatives to end the year like you deserve.

In general, any part of the Canary Islands, from Lanzarote to El Hierro is full of possibilities if you want to spend your New Year’s somewhere different.  Flights and accommodation are a lot cheaper than in the summer and, other than the incredible parties, the weather is ideal for swimming whilst enjoying the fact that there are less people, as much in where the main touristic attractions are as on the beaches and in the most significant towns. You could even take part in more authentic activities or get to know local popular customs and traditions that in summer are lost under the demand for general entertainment. This could help you learn more about your destination.

When planning your New Years trip it’s best to book accommodation for at least 4 days, especially if the destination is at least a 2 hour flight away from home. You should aim for accommodation at a central location close to nightlife and all key events or shows celebrated within the city. On the other hand, if you pick a quieter and calmer destination, opt for accommodation less central to the city but still with everything you need to have a great experience: spa, golf, gourmet gastronomy… Skimp on some things but not on accommodation, for in winter, good accommodation is the base of a great holiday.

Although during Christmas lots of hotels in beach destinations are closed, it’s important to consider that it’s a lot straightforward and financially beneficial to find a good hotel in these coastal areas open during New Year’s. Hotel chains like Garden Hotels, for example, own hotels open during the Christmas season in lots of destinations that we have previously talked about: CalaMillor Garden Hotel (Majorca), Cabogata Garden Hotel & Spa (Almeria) and Garden Playa Natural Hotel & Spa (Huelva).  For the best options in the Canary Islands you have Barceló and Iberostar Hotels & Resorts.