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Destination Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa -Santa Ponça in Catalan- is one of the best resorts for family sun and beach holidays in Mallorca, although the spot holds many natural and historical features.

The town is located in Mallorca’s south west, it features two sandy beaches: the “big beach” of 560 metres, and the “small beach” whose name is Caló d’en Pallisser. Here you will find all the services and facilities for an ideal sun, sea and sand family summer holidays.

Regarding accommodation, Santa Ponsa features more than 50 hotels and apartments, therefore travellers can choose the option that best suits with their needs. Gran Isla Hotels has three resorts in this spot: Jutlandia Family Resort, Pirates Village Apartments and Plazamar Serenity Resort. Visitors can also have a look to the amount of rural locations outside the town.

As a very international spot, Santa Ponsa has a wide range variety of restaurants: Spanish, British, German, Asian or Italian among others. There are many bars, chiringuitos and restaurants all across the town and the beach.

Concerning pubs and discos, Santa Ponsa nightlife has increased in the last years.

With regard to go shopping, Santa Ponsa holds a vast number of boutiques and gift shops and an every Saturday street market. Close to the town there is a large industrial estate known as Polígono Son Bugadelles, where visitors and residents can find furniture stores, retailers, building and yacht suppliers, designers and much more.

Santa Ponsa houses a curious mixture of both local, national and international residents. Its main visitors are from Germany, UK, Ireland and Russia, and people from Scandinavia, Holland and France become more frequent.

Much of the architecture is built for tourism but at the same time the town houses some of the most luxurious properties on the island, although it is very common to see people having a typical package holidays as well.

Historically speaking, Santa Ponsa is very important because on September 1229 King Jaume I landed in Sa Caleta -now Santa Ponsa Marina- this fact was the starting point for the re-conquest of Mallorca from the Moors. Today there is a large stone cross in that place and the town celebrates the fiesta Rei En Jaume every year. In the surroundings there exist some archaeological sites belonging to the Moorish and Roman settlements.

The above mentioned characteristics are only a few reasons why Santa Ponsa is placed among the ideal spot for a family summer holidays in Mallorca.

The Best Place To Enjoy The Holidays

Most of the people are interest to visit different places in the countries. Many people like to travel within their countries but most of them like to visit other countries to know their culture and traditions. Different countries are famous for different things. Some places are popular for its historical places, whereas some others are popular for its climate; some places are popular for its foods. There are many reasons for the popularity of the country. Most of the people like to visit the country where they have beach to enjoy their evening.  In some countries people can enjoy most of their favorite things and people those who are planning for visit South East Asia it is best for them to visit the Indonesia.


People Can Learn About The Culture

It is the country where they can enjoy lot of things. The Indonesia is the best one among the other south east asian countries which is famous for its culture and they are conducting many annual events and people those who are interest to know about other countries culture it is the best place to visit.

Best Place For Cuisine And Other Things

Most of the people are lovers of food and they like to taste different varieties of food. Indonesia is the country which is most popular for its best cuisines in the world. People can taste varieties of food. Most of the food which we taste in that country will never find in other countries. The country is famous for its beaches. People those who love surfing it is the best place to enjoy their holidays. They can relax in the beaches. People can see lot of forest on that country and it is categorized one of the tropical countries. Individuals can find rare plants and animals which are conserved on the forest. In some country they have not much nature so they can learn more about nature on this country. This is the place where they can enjoy different things like food, culture, beaches and forest. In many countries it is hard to find the sea but in this country they have lot of beaches so people can enjoy as their wish. They can enjoy the nature in the country.

How to Get into Spearfishing

Spearfishing is a very exciting hobby and it’s actually pretty eco-friendly. This is due to the method not producing any damage to habitat that can be caused by other forms of fishing. Fishing is also incredibly rewarding and it feels nice to catch your own food once in a while. If you’ve never been spearfishing before there are a variety of things that you will need before setting off. Here’s a short list of items and knowledge you’ll need before starting your spearfishing adventures.

Depending on where you are fishing you may need a licence to legally catch fish this way. The licences that you need vary in different countries so be sure to make yourself aware of the laws and obtain the appropriate licences before you set out.

Depending on the climate that you will be fishing in a wetsuit should definitely be considered. Ensuring that your body is sufficiently warm when you are in the water is an important factor in the success of your trips. If you get cold too quickly then you will be unable to stay in the water for a good amount of time, which in turn will affect the amount of fish that you will be able to catch.

The speargun that you purchase should be suitable for beginners, buying a more advanced piece of equipment as a beginner can be dangerous. This means looking for smaller guns with less power initially. Speak with your local spearfishing supplier for advice on which gun to go with.

Although some people go spearfishing without using fins, they are really a great way of allowing you to move more freely underwater. This is especially important for those who are new to the sport. When choosing fins make sure to get the fit just right to avoid blisters or possibly losing them when you dive.

Mask & Snorkel
This key piece of equipment will allow you to survey what’s under the water while breathing at the surface before making the dive. When trying masks always go for one that will stay on your face without the straps by using suction. This means that the mask provides a good airtight fit and will be sufficient when attached properly.

A Knife
Invest in a good quality knife to take on your dives, this will not only help you if you become tangled on rope under the water but also for quickly dispatching fish.

Weight Belt
A weight belt with around 12 pounds of weight is usually sufficient for the average spear-fisher. The belt will allow you to dive easily and prevent too much buoyancy.

Gloves are an important part of kit and offer much needed protection when using your equipment underwater. You can purchase neoprene spearfishing gloves online or from most diving suppliers.

Always be sure to take a partner with you when spearfishing, this can be the difference between life and death. Spearfishing alone can be incredibly dangerous and shouldn’t be attempted.

Real Time Shipyard Warcraft Games

Now it’s time to enter into the world of war craft where the designers and game players will get the updated news about the games and several tips to get the bonus from various places. World Of warcraft gold is much popular one and there are wide range of game tips are available with respect to the independent games. Players can raise the questions after reading the article from this well known site and you will receive the proper answer for it within the limited time period. It’s been great to watch new version of the world war games where you can make use of your army to guide you to all part of the region by making use of real time virtual ship. Ship is the current version game that is updated through online where the user can make use of it to go for the long drive from one place to another. Moreover, the modern version of warcraft makes use of naval features.

The new version of world craft named as Warcraft Patch 6.2 in which various innovative features are included where more than hundred levels are integrated and at the same time more number of players can play at a time. The player who has attained the Garrison level three, they can move to the next level to enter into the shipyard (Completely different world). Shipyard can be adopted by the design of real time ship like amazing pirate boat and also in future you can make use of various naval missions in order to move further. The game designer is simply the awesome because the thing which they have implemented in this world of warcraft is top class as well as helps you to get some jackpot in surprise manner. Once after enter into the world of shipyard then you can choose an option to create your own ship to move further and the types are as follows: to gain the combat strength by making use of battleships, Carrying the Army crew in a transporter ship, making use of submarines to destroy the enemy army and their ship, carrier ship is one of the finest and most likely ship where the players can make use of bomber to kill the enemy containers and crews.